Blog revisions

So, I changed around the formatting a bit. I am no longer quoting myself. That’s the basic primer on some of the fundamentals of riflery. I never sis finish my essay on the steps to firing the shot. It may still happen this summer.

I have my first aid kit and blowout kit entries still to transfer. They are based heavily upon the recommendations of FBMG’s emergency preparedness class. A couple of the pictures disappeared from ImageShack. Naturally, I didn’t save the pictures. I’ll have to take new ones to replace them.

I am also planning on a new essay on effectively manipulating a semiautomatic pistol left-handed. There is a serious dearth of training material there. I am no expert; but I have spent a lot of money putting this skillset together. Somebody may as well benefit by it.

Let me know what you think.

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