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It’s interesting to see how many folks are interested in my photo-tutorials on position shooting. It’s not that I have had high numbers, but three or for folks per day come here based on search terms directly related to position shooting. I am elated at the notion. If I can help one person be a better shooter, and bridge the gap between “cook” and “Rifleman”, I’ve done my job. What I really need is feedback.

If you like them, or hate them (or better yet have suggestions to make them better), feel free to leave a comment.

If commenting isn’t your bag, drop me an email. Reach me at M14_dot_Rifleman_at_yahoo_dot_com. I’ll do my best to make them better.



Quick note on rising crime.

I read on a today of increasing “hot” burglaries in Flint, Michigan. A “hot” burglary is one in which the burglar enters the house when the victims are home. It is similar to a home invasion in that respect. It differs, though, in that the burglar does not seek to confront the homeowner. Hence it is a true burglary, and not a robbery. The poster noted that the burglars hit thirty cars and ten houses in one night- quite a spree.

I recommend everyone go over one’s homeowner’s/renter’s insurance again this week, if not today. Make sure your high density valuables, and especially firearms, are adequately covered. Make sure everything is locked up tight. One can’t prevent every crime. Just make sure you are doing what you can to deter it, and to recover losses in the event of a burglary.

Always arm yourself at home. With hot burglaries and home invasions on the rise, wearing a sidearm at home, even if you can’t CCW, becomes more prudent than ever. Don’t take your piece off because you think you’re safe.

This is going to get worse, as we slip further into depression. Do what you can to protect not only the lives of your families, but also the fruits of your labor. Survival is more about mindset than stuff, but stuff sure does help.