Monster Hunter International

Okay, I know that I have like two readers. That’s okay. I want you to do me a favor and check out this new book, Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. It’s out soon from Baen Books. You can preorder it at Amazon, or pick it up real soon at a Barnes and Noble near you. Ask for it by name for best results.

This is Larry’s first work at fiction, and I must say that it’s a great beer-and-pretzels book, not necessarily deep reading, but fun. Plus, Larry is a gun guy, so there is lots o’ firearms goodness on every page (even if his character packs an STI instead of a Nowlin). It’s got, like the title says, all manner of monsters and even some very Cthulu-esque baddies.

If you like monsters, Lovecraft, guns, or all three, give it a read.

I’ll post a thorough review after the release of the Baen edition.

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