Martial arts or major hype?

Alrighty then. Let’s look at this from perspectives that the average gun board reader can understand. Filipino arts are not about tournaments. Folks are using them right this minute to kill Moros (you know, those Islamic terrorists?) in the Philippines. Kelly Worden taught variations on them to members of the 1st Special Forces Group in Fort Lewis. Jared Wihongi is currently teaching Pekiti Tirsia to members of the 19th in Draper. Someone is seeing some benefit to it. Those folks are using those skills to kick ass all over the world.

Okay, maybe those names don’t ring a bell. How about Mike Janich? Yeah, that’s Serrada Eskrima. How about South Narc? That’s Pekiti Tirsia. I am not saying that these instructors are teaching a pure form. They’re not teaching tribalism in their Kali. They’re teaching folks how to make stabby-stabby in the most efficient way they can find. It’s not about belts, ranks, or tournaments. This is how to kill people with the blade. Unlike a lot of sanitized arts, these start with the most deadly attacks first. They don’t make you study forms for ten years before they introduce the weapons. They introduce the weapons on the first day. That’s it. As for blade designs, why is it that folks on gun boards will bloviate ad nauseum about the efficiency and ergonomics of a firearm, but a knife is just a knife? If it’s just about the ‘ol in-‘n’-out, why are firearms any different? I contend that they aren’t, and that are are advantages to be had; but if you feel that a piece of coat hanger is good enough, then I guess that a wheellock pistol is good enough, too.

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