Utah gov announces earthquake preparedness week


The Associated Press Daily Herald | Posted: Monday, April 5, 2010 7:58 am

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert has designated April 4-10 as Earthquake Preparedness Week.

A Web site provides tips on what to do in preparation for an earthquake and its aftermath.

The Utah Seismic Safety Commission says about 700 earthquakes, including aftershocks, occur every year in Utah.

Roughly 80 percent of the state’s population would be affected by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch Fault.


On the Net:


Know that this is just another effort to assuage the masses’ fears from the .gov. At best it will wake some people up to preparedness. At worst, folks that make “72-hour kits” prolong their lives by three miserable days.

The website above, http://bereadyutah.gov, is mostly garbage. Still, it might have some useful ideas.

Get that “72-hour” crap right out of your head. You’ll need a lot more than three days’ worth of food, water, toiletries, medicine, cash, etc. How much is up to you; but it should be enough to land you on your feet, without winding up at the FEMA/Red Cross camp shelter.

4 Responses

  1. But the Red Cross says they have milk and cookies.

  2. You, yea you the one who wrote this article. Your a faggot. Instead of writing lame ass articles like this where you diss on a 72 hour kits and complian about a website why dont you….. GO GET A LIFE LAME ASS!

    • Oh, where to begin? Is it your superlative grasp of grammar and syntax? Is it your cogent point? Is it your half-assed attempt at trolling? What is it exactly that frames this post so perfectly that I could not wait to approve it? Oh, I think it is a combination of all of these points that come together to create something so much more (or in this case, less) than the sum of its parts. This post is a perfect storm of vitriol and retardation.

      To that end, I have preserved this post, as submitted, to illustrate my point: This is the kind of troglodyte that will rely upon his Uncle Sammy to save him in the event of a disaster. Good luck waiting in line for a stale MRE and a bottle of water; if you’re lucky, the rape gangs won’t tear your o-ring out at the Murderdome; but when they do don’t scream “Oh God, why me?”

      I hope life is cozy warm there in your mommy’s basement.

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