Shakeout AAR

Well, as expected, the Utah Shakeout was a farce. The department with whom I was to drill, didn’t. They conducted a first aid in-service, not that the in-service was bad, but there was no drill. I checked in with the county’s EOC fifteen minutes after the “quake” (because it was during a break in the training). Dispatch wondered where we were, that is, why I didn’t check in immediately. I told her we were all dead. That concluded my involvement with the drill.

The real highlight of the day was meeting with the observer from the county. She had a long look at my 2-meter mobile rig, saying that she wanted something like that for all of the county campuses. I have no hope that it will ever happen, mostly because it should.

To summarize, after “drilling” with the county for a day, I reiterate: You’re on your own. No one is coming for you. The system can’t take care of itself. No way is it taking care of John Q. Public.

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  1. Hey, Bo. I’ve read your stuff, thanks for sharing what works for you. I did want to comment on the “Murderdome” stuff, though. I’ll grant you that FEMA and the Red Cross will disarm anyone they take in. But it wasn’t as bad in the Superdome as you are making out. It was unpleasant – 20000 people and no flush toilets!!! – but the body count was 6. 4 from natural causes, 1 overdose, and 1 suicide. That doesn’t mean you are wrong to prepare to take care of yourself and your family. It doesn’t have to be as bad as the rumors had it to make it worth avoiding. Thanks again for the info, we’re more ready than most. Probably a mile behind you though.

    • My goal is to not only keep everyone out of .gov and Red Cross “shelters” (read: “camps”), but to make the transition from daily living to post-worst-case-scenario as seamless and comfortable as possible. One of my online collaborators coined a phrase for that kind of living. He calls it “thrivalism”. I tend to agree with him.

      If you are a murderdome survivor, I am interested in reading more about it. Do you feel that you enjoyed your Natural Rights and liberties while a resident there; or, was it more like the state pen? Could you come and go; or did the State incarcerate you? You mentioned six fatalities; but how was the crime, both personal and property? How many assaults? How many rapes? How many strong-arm robberies?

      I have a couple of personal friends and mentors served with the nineteenth SFG here in Utah. One of them shared experiences regarding the Katrina “refugees” that the State held at Camp Williams. They perpetrated all manner of crime there, both personal and property. Another talked about running gun battles in New Orleans (the State used to get around posse comitatus, back when there was such a thing, by using the National Guard as law enforcement). Scary stuff, to be sure.

      I really am interested in learning of your experiences, and how you’re now preparing, in general. Thanks.


      • My only direct experience of the Superdome was driving by it on the way from the airport. I’ve read interviews from NG people who said crime was actually pretty low – not more than you’d expect from a random cross section of 20000 people. They had a *lot* of people pulling security and enduring the same thing the regular citizens were. That gave them some credibility, forged some bonds.

        As for liberty- I don’t know, but I presume they were not allowed to leave. I don’t think we should get into what happened outside.

        As for our prep, we keep a full pantry with a couple of hundred pounds of grains & beans as a matter of routine plus varying amounts of canned goods, full water barrels 10 months of the year, and fresh greens growing. We have means of defense. We’re on good terms with neighbors. I’ve been thinking about how I would handle requests for help from the unprepared. No answers there, yet.

  2. Survival?

    Location – Location – Location.
    That’s not go to be Lord Humongus and the MightyWez coming for your stuff. It’s going to be Moms and Dads, just trying to feed their kids.

    • And those people will be just as dangerous as any Mad Max survivor. They’ll kill you just as dead; and you have to conversely be just as prepared to defend you and yours against them.

      The more prepared you are now, the less likely you are to find yourself in that situation. Stealing food in a WCS is a capital offense.

      • If you are within a tank of gas near a ‘Urban Area’, you have no chance – unless you are willing to shoot people over a can of beans.
        I can’t so I moved to rural Montana.

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